Merchants from La Nueva Viga look for water to keep their product fresh – El Sol de México

“Merchants of The New Beamhe largest seafood market in Latin America and that is inside the Supply Central (Ceda)in the mayor’s office Iztapalapathey have survived the lack of water for a month with the cpurchase of water drums to neighbors and purifiers, who sell 30 liters for 60 pesos.

He The use of water and ice is essential to keep seafood fresh. and in good condition; However, due to the low storage of the Cutzamala System, which provides water to the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, the liquid stopped falling a month ago in The New Beam.

According to merchants, the supply has decreased, since in 2022 The water fell daily, but for six months the supply has arrived by tandeo, that is, one day yes and one day no. And since December of last year, merchants have not received water in their premises.

To cope with the situation, Tenants invest up to 200 pesos a day in the purchase of water drums, since they must also keep their workplaces clean and wash trays and kitchen utensils. The New Viga is a coming and going of drums and jugs.

Sellers also have the option of consume water from purifiers surrounding the market, such as the one located at the entrance next to the avenue Aztecs. There new 20 liter containers sell for 70 pesos, the 20-liter white containers at 35 pesos and the used containers at 10 pesos, also for 20 liters. There are many containers that are ready to be marketed and filled with water brought by pipes.

The water is taken care of and reused, since the water that drains from the product that is on trays is captured with buckets or containers to be used once again.

Mario, who sells shrimp and octopus in local D1, Spray the products every 10 minutes to keep them fresh. He stated that every day he buys up to four 20-liter drums for 50 pesos each, an expense that he did not make in previous months.

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“About half a year that hasn’t gone well for us. Was a time that did fall daily, then one day yes and one day no, but for a month now nothing has happened to us. They have been purchasing drums of drinking water to have the fresh product. In the houses outside of La Viga the dairy farms are bought; They are around 50 pesos and are 20 liters, we need between three and four drums a day,” he said.

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