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After four years, Mexico returned to the list of 25 most attractive countries for foreign investment directly, according to the international consulting firm Kearney.

By presenting the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2024, Omar Troncosopartner of Kearney México, highlighted that the country occupies the 21st place among the most attractive nations to invest in.

He attractive and impulse of Mexico, he highlighted, is due to the relocation from foreign companiesa economic phenomenon known as nearshoring.

“Mexico is the country that has benefited the most from investments in manufacturing that migrate from Asia and other places. The investors They consider that the country will continue to be cornerstone for the nearshoring towards the United States,” Troncoso highlighted.

It was in 2019, in the first year of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government, when the country was last ranked in the Kearney index by occupying the position number 25.

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In the years when Mexico remained outside this index, the Covid-19 pandemicwhile they presented various reform initiatives in it energy sector that attacked the private investment.

“Many companies are looking for migrate to the country to be closer to your production chain. They seek to serve their current clients and there are even those who want have your raw materials in advance”, mentioned the Kearney Mexico executive.

At a press conference, Troncoso highlighted that currently most attractive sectors to invest are those of manufacture, trade, telecommunications, transport and financial services.

However, he added that although the Foreign Direct Investment flows (FDI) have remained constants despite the volatility financial worldwide, there are increasingly fewer new capital injections.

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He recalled that during 2023he 74 percent of FDI flow it was for reinvestment of utilities and so only 13 percent for new investments.

In mid-March, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) revealed that at least seven out of 10 companies have benefited from nearshoring in recent months.

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