Morena asks the INE for extraordinary protection for its 40 candidates in Guanajuato – El Sol de México

Brunette requested the National Electoral Institute (INE) protectionextraordinary” for their 40 candidates for mayor of Guanajuatoafter the murder of its standard-bearer for the mayor of Celaya, Gisela Gaytanwhich occurred on Monday, April 1.

Through a letter addressed to Guadalupe Taddei Zavalapresident advisor of the INE, Morena’s representative before the electoral authority, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, requested that the protection for your local candidates be provided by federal and non-state authoritiessince he accused that they did not attend to the application which they formulated on March 8.

“In the context of the recent events that occurred in Celaya Guanajuato where was deprived of life our candidate in that municipality and before the lack of government attention of the Guanajuato state and before the omission of attention by the Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuatoit is kindly requested that for a extraordinary question It is this institute that carries out the necessary actions in order to manage with the federal authorities the security services already accompaniment for the following candidatures“, reads the office.

On the afternoon of Monday, April 1, the candidate of Brunette by the mayor of Celayain Guanajuato, Gisela Gaytan She was murdered in the municipality she sought to govern.

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In addition, two members of Gaytán’s team were injured in the shooting, which occurred after six in the afternoon in the community of San Miguel Octopan, one of the highest crime incidence in Celaya.

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