Morena requests the INE to remove the IEEG advisor after the murder of Gisela Gaytán – El Sol de México

Brunette presented before the National Electoral Institute (INE) a request for the removal of counselor Brenda Canchola Elizarraz from the presidency of the Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato (IEEG)for their alleged omission to follow up on the request for protection of Gisela Gaytán, Morena’s candidate for mayor of Celaya, murdered on April 1.

Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, representative of Brunettereported in his X account of the presentation of the appeal and accused that the alleged omission of Brenda Canchola resulted in the murder by Gisela Gaytán.

“We present a request for the removal of the president advisor of OPLE Guanajuato by the omission of the request for protection to our companion and friend Gisela Gaytan, which resulted in an unfortunate event for our party. We demand justice and separation of responsibilities from the state government,” Gutiérrez Luna said.

Yesterday, Mario Delgado and Ricardo Sheffieldnational leader of Morena and candidate for Senate of the Republicrespectively, accused the IEEG of denying protection to Gisela Gaytan and eight mayoral candidates from the party. Both assured that the requests for security measures were submitted since March 8, however, the IEEG responded that these were not campaign times and therefore were not appropriate.

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The president of the IEEG, Brenda Canchola Elizarrazsaid in an interview with El Sol de México that Brunette He made the request when the mayoral candidacies had not yet been registered, so once they were formalized, Morena had to ratify his request but did not do so.


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