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After the disruption of production chains, relocation for manufacturing became a strategic element, in order to not depend on Asia.

Here, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obradorthe CCE of Francisco Cervantes, other chambers and a number of experts have taken it as a flag to calculate million-dollar investments. Many will be a mirage.

For now, it seems that it is the Chinese themselves who are already working at full speed to take advantage of the “nearshoring” in our country, not only to take advantage of the national market, but also those that have opened up abroad, with the US in the tip.

The sudden arrival of Chinese automotive firms is an example. Mexico is part of their global expansion. In the blink of an eye they already have 12% of sales and actors like BYD from Sergio Vallejo, they talk about producing here to take advantage of the T-MEC. In the US there is alert.

However, cars could be the tip of the iceberg for a firmer invasion of other sectors. The Time Ceramics project in Hidalgo is known. In 8 months (record time) they already built a production line a kilometer long! with the idea of ​​starting production in 2025.

Its staging replicates its foray into Nigeria. According to this, they are already the largest manufacturer of ceramic floors and coverings in Africa.

The Chinese have the full support of the state government first with Omar Fayad and now with Julio Menchaca. The head of Economy Carlos Henkel The Chinese project has been discussed in more than one forum.

The problem is that it seems that Time Ceramics works with a tailored suit. Inputs from China including labor. Nula spreads to the region. Not even taxes. There is information that refers to sanctions from the INM that carry Francisco Garduño by migrants whose permit has expired.

In addition, the factory, already 75% complete, which is on a 70-hectare property for agricultural use, uses a couple of water wells in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata with legal restrictions for the benefit of indigenous peoples.

Obviously there is concern among national companies that manufacture floors and coatings. The matter has already been escalated to Economy Raquel Buenrostro and next week there would be news.

It is claimed that the project has not even accounted for its flows under the FDI Law, despite the risk that it could erase Mexican companies from the market.

So very dangerous file.

More costs for NAIM, AICM 250 million dollars and overrun airport

Bad business. Yesterday Jose Ramon Rivera The head of the AICM recounted the actions carried out to improve that terminal. From 2022 to 2024, 4,269.9 million pesos will be spent, that is, more than 250 million dollars. 64% with fiscal resources. This year alone it will be 2,200.7 million pesos (130 million dollars). Despite this, that airport is saturated and will become more so over time. Add the 6,000 million dollars that only in agreed bonds meant the cancellation of Texcoco. 1.8 billion dollars have already been paid and the rest will take us until 2047. Another Fobaproa… just on a whim.

That some Afores analyze protections VS. Pension fund

Although the SHCP of Rogelio Ramírez de la O The implementation of the Pension Fund is operating at high speed, it is not ruled out that legal actions on the way could derail the matter. Even inside Amafore de Guillermo Zamarripa some members would analyze protections. Segob of Luisa María Alcalde set a June limit for transferring inactive accounts.

CANIEM rejects removing Mexico from PISA: setback

And given the possibility that the government chooses to remove Mexico from the PISA test, given the terrible results, yesterday the Editorial Chamber (CANIEM) that presides Hugo Setzer and which accommodates the 200 publishers in the country, stated that it will be a setback.

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