National Lottery: when and at what time is the Great New Year’s Draw 2023 raffled? – The Sun of Mexico

If your purpose for this New Year is to be a millionaire, you can fulfill it with him jackpot from the National Lottery (Lotenal).

For this December 31, Lotenal has prepared a lottery where you can win up to 104 million pesos.

When is the Great Draw draw and at what time?

This December 31st at 8:00 p.m., the Magno 384 Draw will take place, which you can follow both in the Lotenal social networkslike your Facebook and YouTube.

A National Lottery series this made up of 20 pieces (banknotes) with the same number.

A a bit of the Great Draw has a cost of 120 pesos. The cost of a series (20 pieces) from the Great Draw is 2 thousand 400 pesos. The cost of the two series (40 pieces) from the Great Draw is 7 thousand 200 pesos.

You have until a few hours before the start National Lottery draw for buy your little piece either in the traditional stalls or ticket booths, as well as on the site joylottery.

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