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We have reached the final stretch of 2023, where Mexicans are preparing to receive 2024 and with it, come the famous rituals to receive the New Year in the best way.

In our country there are different rituals, which have even become a tradition to attract love, health, good fortune and even trips for the entire coming year.

It is for this reason that today we tell you what these rituals are so that you can welcome 2024.

For good luck

For a year full of fortunepeople acquire some amulets which can mean different things.

Among them are the sheep of abundance, corn, incense and myrrh. They all represent the abundance and are usually used for businesses that want to prosper and maintain or increase their customers.

Believers of this ritual place the objects in the corner of the premises or homes, as the case may be.

For the money

Wear underwear of a specific color is another of the most used rituals and although the bench is to attract peace and tranquility and green is for health, the yellow panties They are the most used.

The belief is that by putting on yellow underwear you will have money all year and if that same garment is given to you by another person, the ritual is more powerful.

Another belief is that if you place lentils inside your wallet In the same way you will attract money into your life.

For the love

Another of the most coveted things is the love and red underwear is also used for this, but there is another unusual ritual that many use to get a new year sentimental couple.

The dynamic is that, shortly before twelve bells, you must get under any table that is nearby, so you will be able to find love in the year that is beginning.

To travel

This is one of the ones that continues to be used the most, because in addition to promising that you will travel a lot throughout the year, it’s a fun ritual that younger generations enjoy replicating.

The ritual consists of taking a suitcaseusually the ones with wheels, and go for a run around the block during the twelve bells that announce the end of the year and the beginning of another.

The twelve grapes

This ritual is quite a tradition, since all the people participate in it. Family integrants when the year is about to end and only 12 grapes are needed.

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To the rhythm of the bells you must eat each of the grapes and ask for a desire or some goal that you want to accomplish in the year.

With information from Aurora Rocha

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