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The New York designer seeks to preserve her legacy through technology to “unload her brain” and protect her invaluable essence.

Graduated from Fashion Institute of Technologywith a career in fashion illustration, the New York designer Norma Kamali consolidates itself as one of the most important creators in the fashion industry, thanks to its proposal based on a futuristic vision.

His first steps in fashion occurred in 1967, when he opened his first store at 229 East Fifty-Third Street in NYwhere he sold the clothes he brought from his work trips to London. A year later, he began to design his own collections characterized by great elaboration and unique style.

With the idea of ​​creating “clothing vintage of the future”, Kamali began her successful career creating collections aligned with her experiences around the world, focused on comfort and modernity that inspired new designers and future generations.

He coat-sleeping bagthe sportswear and ready to use as a global lifestyle, the sports sneakers with heelthe collection “Parachute”, as well as swimsuits that were a reference for many companies manufacturing this type of garment for decades; fabrics that are easy to wash and use, and jersey knit collections, are some of the references of its creation

At 78 years old, the American designer remains focused on innovation, seeking to adapt her experience to the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI).

His interest in technological advance It happened during his first job as an airline agent. Northwest Orient Airlinesoperating a computer UNIVAC. Since then, she has persisted, constantly looking for different ways to incorporate it into her business.

Concerned about the future, both personally and for her company, Kamali has immersed herself in the world of virtual reality. She was driven by the idea of ​​developing an intelligent program that allows her to “unload her brain” and remain the guide of her business. This process is carried out through the recognition of images and ideas about their Past collections and their long history.

“The model will really start to be in the process of downloading my brain, so that when I train other people here to follow what I’ve done, the legacy of the company can literally continue and endure. I have the advantage of that because it’s 56 years of content. It’s very exciting. It gives my company really great value, in a way that no one would have thought before,” Kamali said in an interview.

Incorporating artificial innovation tools into a process as intimate as design could lose personality and uniqueness. However, the Creative director She will use this experiment to explore ideas that combine what she has done in the past into something unique and innovative.

“What is the reason for this product?” he said about his own doubts about the abilities and capabilities of the artificial intelligence.

Kamali is convinced that creativity will continue to be essential. She stressed that human originality is different from artificial intelligence.

“There are things that artificial intelligence will not be able to replace,” he said. “But AI will provide new opportunities that we cannot resist.”

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Norma Kamali has been at avant-garde of fashion for decades, and his recent foray into digital ageas part of the creative process, is a reflection of its continuous evolution.

Its focus on technology not only focuses on operational efficiency, but also on expanding the creative boundaries in fashion design, exploring the new paths of modernity.

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