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As long as the system is not crashed or updated again, the activity of the Nuevo Laredo Customsconsidered to have one of the most important connections in Mexico, will be fully regularized until next Monday.

The vice president of Foreign Trade of the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce (Concanaco), Felipe Miguel González, explained that so far there have been no failures, which has allowed the trucks that were stranded to move forward after more than 24 hours of being detained.

“We could return to 100 percent normality next Monday if the systems are not saturated, so far they are working well, on Tuesday the system was very slow, Wednesday it didn’t work and yesterday Thursday it basically worked half the day and validations were received until the afternoon,” he told EL SOL DE TAMPICO.

THE SUN OF MEXICO I publish today that the failures in the Tax Administration System impacted the foreign trade of the Tamaulipas customs for at least nine hours; Although there were problems in the entity’s five campuses, Nuevo Laredo, considered one of the most important in Mexico, was the most affected.

They estimate million-dollar losses

The business representative who is also a customs agent, established that, although still it is not possible to define the total economic losses In crossings alone, 5 million 400 thousand dollars were lost in Nuevo Laredo with 36 thousand units stranded.

“There were 2 days that we practically could not cross due to the fault, there were 36 thousand crossings that could not be made. In crossings alone, 5 million 400 thousand dollars were received, I am talking about nothing more than Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros and Altamira are missing,” he highlighted.

He stated that once the system has started to work, the hope is that no more failures occur, otherwise the situation will be critical, mainly for the importers.

“The problem was something at the national level, not just in the state of Tamaulipas. What we need is to get everything pending done so that we can be normalized on Monday,” I reiterate.

Customs agency, Sedena headquarters and other investments that arrive in Tamaulipas

Matamoros and Reynosa regularize slowly

The director of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce (Fecanaco) in Tamaulipas, Abraham Rodríguez, explained that the movement of the Customs in Matamoros It is slow, although it is already making progress.

“It is being regularized in due time because there were lines, it is going slowly, but they are already crossing and that is already good,” he highlighted.

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He said that the stoppage in the 5 precincts of Tamaulipas -Tampico, Altamira, Matamoros, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, affected the commercial sector so they hope that everything works, although as is the case with the Nuevo Laredo Customs, it will most likely not be until Monday when this happens.

Originally published in The Sun of Tampico

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