Official! Cruz Azul announces Toro Fernández as reinforcement for Clausura 2024 – El Sol de México

Blue Cross just made it official in yours social networks the signing of Toro Fernández as reinforcement in the attack for the next Clausura 2024, after a couple of tournaments with Pumas where he did not win the championship.

Gabriel Fermandez joins Lorenzo Faravelli and Kevin Mier as the official reinforcements of Cruz Azul for the next contest, and they are still waiting to be able to close Alexis Vega to have the team almost complete. Furthermore, it is necessary to specify the casualties of Carlos Salcedo and Jesús Dueñas.

This will be the first tournament under the command of Martín Anselmi. With the university students, El Toro scored nine goals in 23 games, the furthest they went was to the semifinals of the last tournament where they were eliminated by the Tigers in the Volcano.

If the transfer of Alexis Vega is completed, Cruz Azul’s lineup could be as follows: Kevin Mier, Juan Escobar, Willer Ditta, Gonzalo Piovi; Camilo Candido; Erik Lira, ‘Charly’ Rodríguez, Uriel Antuna (Gabriel Fernández), Alexis Vega and Ángel Sepúlveda.

In the case of the forward of Chivas, he would sign for three years and all that remains is to define what payment the celestial board will make for the player. The possibility is between 3 and 5 million dollars or an exchange for Charly Rodríguez and/or Erik Lira himself.

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