Old Sour; Sonoran influencer, known for his iconic phrases, dies-El Sol de México

Alfredo Flores, better known as ““The Sour Old Man” by viral posts on social networks, He passed away this Sunday, April 14.

The news of his death spread on social networks where others influencers They regretted his departure, as well as members of the Kino Limpio y Seguro collective that recognized his work as a promoter of this town.

The publications of influencer originally from Hermosillo had a great impact on the Internet thanks to the fact that “The Sour Old Man” He had more than 5 million followers on Facebook and 72 thousand followers on Kino Bay.

Who was El Viejón Agrio?

The Sour Old Man”, he was 64 years old. He was a influencer of Hermosillo residing in Bahía de Kino who, through his Facebook and X profiles (formerly Twitter), shared phrases about daily life with touches of humor.

Through its Facebook page, the Kino Limpio y Seguro board published a text announcing the death of Alfredo Flores, one of the main promoters of a clean and safe Kino.

Their hard work and dedication have left an indelible mark on our community. We extend our condolences to our dear Janet and her family and friends at this time of deep sadness.Kino Clean and Safe Board of Trustees.

In addition to this, he expressed that “His legacy will endure in every step we take towards a cleaner and safer future for all. Rest in peace, Old Man Agrio.”

His last publication was on March 29, he published a message where he wrote: “My bitches and bitches are still here! Don’t get lost!”

For a long time he had presented health problems, Therefore, it has been mentioned on the Internet that the cause of his death was complications in his condition.

Note originally published by The Sun of Hermosillo.

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