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Upon taking office as minister, Lenia Batres Guadarrama highlighted in her speech the excesses of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), coupled with the need for better instruments to guarantee criminal rights and independent and impartial courts to which victims can attend.

The Court has the obligation to monitor and preserve the constitutional order, however, it has exceeded its limits by making decisions with a political and partisan vision, without thinking about the well-being of the people, leaving aside guaranteeing the human rights of Mexicans. and invading powers of the Legislative Branch, declaring unconstitutional some of the laws approved by this power, an example of this is the so-called Plan B, which sought to reduce up to more than 3,500 million pesos in expenses of the National Electoral Institute. Likewise, it invalidated the transfer of the National Guard to the Secretariat of National Defense whose objective was to strengthen said institution through better training and discipline to continue carrying out public security work in the search for pacification of the country.

Also at risk is the invalidity of reforms that seek to eliminate the privileges of mining companies to the detriment of indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples and communities, or the non-granting of concessions where there is a shortage of water or protected areas. In this sense, the reform of the Law of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers where more than 50 thousand workers could lose their home due to the high costs of mortgage loans. Given these abuses, as a senator, I urged the SCJN not to invalidate these reforms.

Another fundamental point mentioned by Minister Batres is the privileges that the Court enjoys, among them are the millions of pesos wasted to satisfy and please all its whims and ambitions, which have been given through opacity and discretion. . Added to this, the excessive salaries they enjoy. Currently, in the Constitution it is established that no public servant can earn more than the President of the Republic, however, the SCJN has not wanted to comply with this article, since the ministers enjoy salaries that millions of Mexicans are extremely far from receiving. . Its excesses and undue privileges offend the common people.

A reform of the Judiciary and more ministers with a non-partisan vision is necessary. In the words of Minister Lenia Batres, “we do not have a Supreme Court subordinate to the Constitution but rather a Constitution subordinate to the Supreme Court.” Reason assists him.

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