Pedagogy of opportunism – El Sol de México

Only the fool confuses price with value.

Antonio Machado

Marcelo Ebrard’s act of kneeling before the dominant power, by deciding to remain in Morena, shows in full body a representative of the Mexican political system, which has simulation as its central characteristic. The aforementioned “understanding” between him and Claudia Sheinbaum meant throwing down the drain all the serious complaints that the former chancellor shouted at the time about the electoral process in Morena.

The comedy was expressed grotesquely. After three months, the Honesty and Justice Commission accepted that only “errors” were committed, when in reality they were electoral crimes. For his part, Ebrard completed the script and spread the version that those who committed these “irregularities” will be punished. Is the President of the Republic going to be sanctioned? The Welfare Secretariat? Governors, deputies and senators? All part of the mobilization of resources and carrying public money.

Ebrard invented a crude alibi to justify his genuflection and in the process deceive his followers. Of course, an element of threat that was present in the mind of the former head of government was the pending accounts that he has with the justice system. He knows about the vengeful mood of the Palace tenant. Furthermore, in recent hours, Sheibaun denied that Ebrard represents the “second force.”

In relation to Morena’s recent polls to elect governors, what was ratified was the slogan and wishes of López Obrador, who gave a stick of “smoke” to Sheinbaum to simply simulate who truly rules in the cherry territory. For this reason, the candidates remained in Veracruz and CDMX, with the pretext of gender. And they kicked Harfuch, the overwhelming winner of the poll, but nothing close to the Tabasco native.

Faced with the imposition disguised with surveys, everyone bowed to the dictates of the lord. It was better for them. That’s what Mañanera, the UIF and the FGR are for. It is not surprising that the losers accepted their consolation prize, which will lead them to raise their hands in the Senate in the next six-year term.

The underlying criticism of this anemic demoscopic exercise by the Morenistas is that those consulted express their preference for someone who has not debated or presented programmatic proposals. Pure image and cellophane. It must be clear that Morena is not a party, it is a simple placement agency tailored to the taste of the Palace resident, without criticism or discussions about the direction of the country, solely designed to win elections. This defines Ebrard and company, who, driven by opportunism and fear, decided to receive the crumbs of the electoral cake.


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