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Regarding City Planning that I referred to last week, this comprehensive process involves different authorities and various aspects.

Subjects such as territorial planning, social welfare, economy, citizen security, regional coordination of authorities, among others.

It is also articulated with human rights, public finances and the heritage of CDMX, considering strategies for effective government performance.

Unfortunately, the deadlines to implement the Planning System expired on different occasions, and even with extensions, to date it has not been consolidated.

Thus, with a worn image and without being fully integrated, the Planning Institute is proof that: not following instructions step by step can lead to failure.

The frustrated process forced the Moreno administration to work with a provisional Government Program, making evident the lack of will or disinterest of those involved. I explain:

To elect the head of the General Directorate of the Planning Institute, in accordance with the Law, the Selection Committee – made up of 5 people – must issue the call.

Gender alternation is ordered in the Directorate, so, having previously appointed a man, it is appropriate to elect a woman for the position; situation not addressed by said Committee.

Even the Human Rights Commission of the capital issued an order to amend the omission.

Currently the Committee is trying to redirect its work, however, to respect the rights of those who registered in the call that was poorly published, people who do not comply with gender alternation would be included.

Things do not end there, as I said: planning is an example of the disinterest of this administration, since currently the Selection Committee is not properly integrated.

Its members remain in office for 5 years; However, the first designation that Congress made in 2020 was 3 years for one member, 4 years for two people, and 5 years for the other two.

Therefore, last year the appointment of one of its members expired, and the members of the committee who are still in force have not properly notified Congress, and it is assumed that neither has the Head of Government.

The latter is obliged to make a call to public and private universities, professional associations, research institutes, civil society organizations and chambers, to send two names to Congress and proceed to designate the new member.

For a change, what do you think? That hasn’t happened. Eight months after the Selection Committee was not legally integrated, nothing has been done about it.

Everything seems to indicate that, in the planning of CDMX, this was a lost administration, and a management to be forgotten.

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