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Although he winter has returned to North Pole, last spring, the nature gave us lovely pictures of a lone polar bearbut enthusiastic.

The sweet specimen was captured swimming and having fun in it water taking advantage of the thaw of the glaciers.

He animal was seen by a photographer specialized in wild life of polar zoneswho recorded White Bear on the edge of the ice while dive and passed through a hole.

Enter and exit waterit sinks, it spins and as small flakes of snow fall, the Polar Bear plays with a small block ice.

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“Once the hard winter is gone, when the days come good and easier, we often find Bears swimming along the ice edge. The polar bears “They are extremely capable of amusing themselves with whatever they find,” wrote the photographer Florian Ledoux on his Instagram account.

Some Internet users reacted to the video and agreed on the need to protect he habitat of the polar bear.

“We have to protect these beautiful animals. Reduce the climate change“, “How beautiful and endearing… this should go around the world to increase the aid for this lovely creature” and “Too bad no one cares enough to do anything about climate change! They are suffering! ¡It’s extinguish!”, they wrote.

Polar bears in danger from climate change

In accordance with The New York Timesthere are around 26 thousand polar bears in the Arctic, identified in 19 subpopulations.

Some subpopulations that live in the Beaufort Sea, near Alaska and Canadahave decreased since the ice does not last long enough for polar bears can hunt food for themselves and their bear cubs.

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Environmentalists dedicated to protect polar bears predict that if we do not prevent the effects of climate changepolar bears could extinguish at the end of the century.

With information from AFP

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