Presidency asks the INE for a report on the cancellation of voting requests from abroad – El Sol de México

He Government of Mexico will request the National Electoral Institute (INE) a report on the 39,724 cancellations of applications to vote from abroad in order to guarantee that fellow nationals exercise their right in elections of the June 2nd.

“This matter is being discussed with the INE, to find a way for them to vote. It is said that 39 thousand citizens were eliminatedalthough the requests They reach a greater number, but those who were accepted as reported, 39 thousand were eliminated,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador from the National Palace.

He INE reported that 39,724 Mexicans abroad presented irregularities in your voting registration hence canceled their requests. Among the irregularities found are that the signatures were not the same and that the proof of address did not match the registered address.

The next Wednesday April 17 The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give a report in the conference of President López Obrador, on the thousands of Mexicans who were left off the list to be able to vote in the June 2 elections and what could be done to solve the issue.

“We are going to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seek more information and with the Secretary of the Interiorwith the Secretary Mayor, meet with the president of the INEwith the counselors and discuss this matter,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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López Obrador also said that the issue of migrant vote It is an issue that “comes from afar” and that in electoral contexts they are limits your right to participate.

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