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The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) approved the list of the 5 constituencies and the national list for the Senate of the Republic, although it did not reveal the names. Rubén Moreira, coordinator in San Lázaro, will go to the upper house, while Sylvana Beltrones, current senator, will go to the lower house. Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the tricolor, could also stay to coordinate the deputies or head the list of candidates for the Senate. .

Among the list of candidates for the Senate are Alejandro Moreno, Carolina Viggiano, Pablo Angulo, Cristina Ruiz Sandoval, Manlio Fabio Beltrones and Ana Lilia Herrera. Aurelio Nuño is outlined as a candidate for deputation.

In addition, Carlos Huerta Aceves del Olmo, Sofía Carvajal Insulza, Norma Angélica Aceves and Sofía Niño de Rivera, so the rest of the names could be given in the following hours.

“We are ready to fight, with the best profiles of the party, brave women and men, with track record, experience and capacity,” said Alejandro Moreno, President of the CEN of the tricolor, during the extraordinary session of the Permanent Political Commission.

“Strength and Heart for Mexico will be the legislative coalition that will return the nation’s direction, the Permanent Political Commission (CPP) of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), approved today the list of the five constituencies and the national list to the Senate.

Alito assured that the PRI is ready to fight; He explained that the best profiles of the party were selected and nominated, and announced that ranks will close around the group of brave women and men, with track record, experience and capacity.

Together with the Secretary General of the CEN, Carolina Viggiano; The Parliamentary Coordinators in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, Rubén Moreira and Manuel Añorve, as well as leaders of sectors and organizations, said that the objective is clear: “to banish those who have sought to confront, impoverish and take advantage of the tragedies of the people of Mexico to obtain political dividends; exile once and for all those who placed Mexico in a spiral of institutional deterioration and authoritarian decomposition.”

He assured that the party has a solid and viable project to recover the greatness and tranquility of Mexicans.

“We have been a truly critical, combative and intelligent opposition. We have been an effective counterweight to Morena’s authoritarian moods. “We have been the political force that built the most important citizen and party alliance of our times,” she expressed.

He trusted that he will win the Presidency of the Republic with Xóchitl Gálvez and “we will be the new majority force in Congress.”

He considered that “we are facing a cheap strategy that tries to hide that Morena has spent more than 5 years without giving a single piece of good news to the people of Mexico, that they did not give results, that they are corrupt, gangsters, mediocre and inexperienced. “They are children who outgrew their power,” he said.

He denounced that they have spent the entire six-year term attacking the autonomous bodies, the Judiciary, the press, the opposition and anyone who points out their errors, because “criticizing the government makes you an enemy of the government.”

He stressed that Morena will seek to win the hard way, so facing June 2, it will be essential to act intelligently, because “we cannot fall into the trap, nor take the bait of the Federal Government, with discussions designed to stop the advance of the opposition and dirtying the electoral process.”

During the Commission session, led by Pablo Angulo, Technical Secretary of the National Political Council, President Alejandro Moreno stressed that the victory has already begun and for the PRI there is no obstacle that stands in the way when it comes to serving Mexico, working together , as a team, for our people, for our democracy, for Mexico and its greatness.

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He specified that the PRI unquestionably supports the social programs of Mexicans. He recalled that they are “a definition that gives us identity as a party and that is at the center of our platform and political program. The PRI built the social policy, institutions and social programs that helped Mexicans the most.”

He indicated that the Morena government seeks to engage us in a sterile discussion, to continue deceiving, lying and misinforming citizens, but he confirmed that in the PRI “we are convinced that social programs are a tool for development, for prosperity; to reduce the inequality gaps that historically exist in our country and to get closer to a fairer Mexico.”

He explained that in the PRI “we believe in the relevance of making them transparent, expanding and improving them.”

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