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What is life like for a young blind man who longs to become an exponent of comedybut you have to face a world designed for people without disabilities or functional diversity? The “Egg Eyes” series offers the answer to that question through laughter, while bringing the topic of functional diversity into the conversation.

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“What it seeks is to talk about a topic like functional diversity that becomes taboo, which is either approached from an exaggeratedly sad perspective, dramatic and tragic or from inspiration. This series What he is telling you is laugh with us, we invite you to laugh not at the condition, but at the situation, so that you can see it,” explained comedian Alexis Arroyo, protagonist of the series whose nickname in the guild of comedy is “Ojitos de Huevo”.

“I believe that when you laugh at something you can make it visible more easily. Something that we try to show in the series It is the love for how laughter can save us and generate catharsis. Is a comedy bittersweet that defies political correctness,” Arroyo added.

This way, “Egg Eyes” is a comedy of eight episodes, directed by Pato Safa, which shows the life of its protagonist, who together with his friend Charly (Kike Vázquez) who has cerebral palsy, seek to climb in the standup world while dealing with the complications that their environment presents them from the family life, interpersonal relationships and of course the world of work.

“The comedy It is a conceptual Vaseline, humor is perspective and helps us make different realities visible, it is an angle that was never touched upon to talk about functional diversity from everyday life, the story of two people with functional diversity living their lives was never addressed, and Comedy allowed us to take this perspective that is totally different from what they have been selling us,” Vázquez explained.

Although the story takes elements from the real life of Alexis Arroyo, the script written by Big Drama, Olfa Masmoudi, and Sara Pinet It does not portray one hundred percent a biographical story. The creative team wrote the story based on conversations with Vázquez and Arroyo. Also, the libretto It takes elements from premises associated with routines by both comedians, but it is not entirely based on them either.

In addition to the co-stars, the cast of the series It is completed by Paola Fernández, Memo Villegas, Teté Espinoza, Raúl Villegas, Alejandro Calva and Verónica Merchant.


For some years now, Netflix had made room within its catalog for specials from stand up comedy where some comedians such as Ricardo O’Farril, Daniel Sosa or Franco Escamilla had shared some of their routines with the public, however, “Egg Eyes” comes to the platform with the novelty of being a series with a story in which the comedians They debut in acting work.

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Egg Eyes It goes further, because maybe you go to the show and see me for an hour, you laugh, you applaud and then you forget, but here there is a series and it will stay there,” Arroyo said.

“It was a challenge, here I was at the service of a text that was not mine. We face a scenario when we do stand up, but here we entered a universe where you are not you. It is a different effort,” added Kike Vázquez.

Ojitos de Huevo will arrive on Netflix this November 17.

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