Pumas defeated Puebla in Ciudad Universitaria – El Sol de México

Alí Avila, the latest reinforcement of the Pumas, debuted with a double with the university team to beat Puebla in Ciudad Universitaria. Memo Martínez also collaborated and scored a goal against his former team, closing the score with a resounding 3-0.

Puebla arrived at CU with the objective of taking at least one point from this complicated field, but could do little to stop the local power, the weather and an error in the Puebla defense opened the way for the university team who was the one that sought the most for take the victory.

The local team took the initiative little by little, he approached the goal and did so more on the left side, the absence of Chino Huerta due to some physical discomfort did not weigh on that side. Robert Ergas was in charge of creating danger, but without an accurate center that they could finish in the area.

The camotero team disappeared in the incessant heat of the south of Mexico City. He looked exhausted and did not create opportunities in his favor again. Carabajal and Cavallini went unnoticed on the field and they had no choice. Julio González passed it calmly under the three posts.

There weren’t as many opportunities for the feline team either, but at least they had something more than their rival and if they didn’t manage to get ahead on the scoreboard it was thanks to the Puebla guardian. The one called Spider stopped everything and saved the visitor. First he contained a distant shot from Toto. And then he prevented the Ex Law from becoming valid.

Guillermo Martinez He looked for the goal against his former team, his heart was not tempted, but the Mexican attacker found himself with the figure of La Franja.

Universidad Nacional started better in the complement, it even got ahead. Robert Ergas crossed into the areaMemo appeared and embedded it in the net, but a flag raised out of position prevented any extra movement.

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The home team continued with its insistence on attack and did not give up when seeing its rival practically melted in its field. However, the university attackers lacked ideas and did not worry Chuy Rodríguez too much. Just a shot from the Toto and nothing more.

The last minutes belonged entirely to Pumas. In the last 15 minutes they scored three times. Alí Ávila debuted with a double. On both occasions he showed his great definition, first due to a mistake by Gastón Silva and the second with a great pass from Leo Suárez. Memo Martínez still scored the third by scoring against his former team.

Pumas thrashed CU and have placed themselves just below the tournament leaders. With good football and with the advantage at home due to the schedule, they added three important points for their cause.

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