Rauw Alejandro sells the house he bought for Rosalía as a wedding gift – El Sol de México

Rauw Alejandro has put up for sale home modernist that he bought at the beginning of 2022 as a wedding gift for Rosalia in Manresa, Spain, when their relationship was going through a good moment.

The house, which dates back to 1905, as indicated on its façade, occupies a estate of about 2,624 square meters, surrounded by thirty hectares of crop fields and, as confirmed by the Regió7 newspaper, it is currently for sale.

The home was purchased by Puerto Rican singer for about two million euros, at a sweet moment in the relationship between the two singerswho separated in July 2023 after three years of engagement.

It is a beautiful building, with good views over the Montserrat mountain and not very accessible to prying eyes.

Furthermore, as soon as its acquisition by the artista protective fence was placed, since numerous people came to the place in the hope of finding the couple.

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