Salma Hayek claims she suffered stage fright at Madonna concert – El Sol de México

The tour of Madonna, “The Celebration Tour”in Mexico City, left great moments for her fans, various controversies on social networks and surprises with the guests she took to her iconic catwalk. Vogue.

The stars who were part of the queen of pop’s five shows were the actor Alberto Guerra; the influencer, Wendy Guevara; comedian, Guillermo Rodriguez; the drag, Pixie; and the actress, Salma Hayek.

In fact, the woman from Veracruz was the one who accompanied Madonna at the close of his tour of Aztec lands and paid honors to his character Frida Kahlowhich he played on the big screen in 2002.

Salma Hayek shows how she experienced her participation in Madonna’s concert

Through your account instagram, Salma Hayek Pinault shared a video for all his followers, in which he narrated everything he experienced just before going on stage with the singer of “Like a Virgin”.

The star of hollywood She confessed that despite being an actress, she suffers from tremendous stage fright, however, she was willing to overcome it.

“I may look comfortable on stage, but I have a tremendous stage frightHowever, anything for Madonna”Salma wrote.

Madonna criticized for pulling Salma Hayek during her concert

Madonna was criticized for being aggressive with Salma Hayek during his last concert in CDMX despite it being his main invite.

In videos that went viral on social networks, you can see how Madonna He takes Salma by the shoulder and pulls her to sit down.

Then, as the actress begins to dance, the Queen of pophe takes her back again to prevent her from moving and Salma makes a gesture of discomfort.

“It’s a rude egocentric“, “Well then, don’t invite anyone famousif you don’t want to be overshadowed” and “Madonna “She doesn’t want anyone to shine brighter than her,” were the comments that abounded on the internet.

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