Sonora Santanera by Carlos Colorado receives recognition as cultural heritage of CDMX – El Sol de México

For its 70 years of institutionality, the Sonora Santanera of Carlos Colorado with María Fernanda will receive this Sunday the distinction of Living Cultural Heritage of Mexico City by the head of the local government. The orchestra will give a symphonic concert at 5:00 p.m. in the capital’s Zócalo.

Under the baton of director Odette María Tapia, more than 50 musicians will be on stage accompanying the group, with an anthology of their songs, says the director of the sound, Gilberto Navarrete, in an interview.

“For us, the mention of Living Cultural Heritage represents a source of pride, because we are recognized not only for a trajectory but also for the fact that Sonora Santanera belongs to all Mexicans, who have made valid the golden catalog of 800 songs that its creator, the composer Carlos Colorado Vera,” mentioned the director.

“All the songs were written with love by maestro Carlos Colorado, he dedicated ‘Where are you Yolanda’ to his wife. He told her daughter Norma that she was her muse and she composed the melody ‘Musita’ for her and for her son Carlos Jr., the song ‘Latosito’.”

“We will officially set foot like Sonora Santanera by Carlos Colorado with María Fernanda in the most important square in the world, a pride that we are certain sets a precedent for our history, legend and work that we have done to be where we are now.

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“Nothing is free, Sonora Santanera had a restructuring 15 years ago that fortunately bears fruit. Not only in the issue of being the only ones with the name and trademark of Sonora Santanera, but also in the structural issue that was required to be at this level.”

Next Sunday they will perform at the National Auditorium with Paquita La del Barrio and return to the Coloso de Reforma on June 2; They are currently working on an album with a big band under the direction of Abel Orozco.

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