Sonora will maintain projects for hydraulic and energy management: Claudia Sheinbaum – El Sol de México

The drought problem What Sonora is going through right now is something that must be addressed with strategies and plans that can contribute to a better optimization of the vital resource, therefore The Water Plan will be supported for its development and enhance the added value of the south of the state in the primary sector, he noted Claudia Sheinbaum.

During her visit to Sonora, the morning of this Saturday, April 13, Claudia Sheinbaum, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for Morena, He pointed out that the project presented by the state government for water management will be supported.

Water technology is very littlethen one of the projects that must be implemented is to optimize the use processes with technology, modify the National Water Lawfor the release of rights in irrigation districts to take advantage of it for human consumption,” he explained.

The candidate recalled that you cannot have industries in areas where there is no water, an example of this is that several beer manufacturing companies have chosen to move to states like Veracruz where there is a lot of water, which is why she recognizes that the Sonora projects are an option. important to address the shortage that exists in this region.

In that sense, The Sonora Plan is also underwaywhich is intended to strengthen the entity in energy matters, something that will help boost the state’s economy and serve to attract new industries.

The Sonora Plan is a project that will help decarbonize energy useas well as the use of lithium in the state, are projects and actions that will detonate the economy of the state and the country,


On the other hand, Sheinbaum Pardo pointed out that The electricity subsidy will be maintained in Sonoraas 1,400 million pesos are required this year to sustain support for Sonoran families that will come from the Federal Treasury Secretariat.

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