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Known worldwide as the “Sin City”as if the mere nickname carried the provocation, Las Vegas It is the closest thing to an unsolved mystery. The same thing is an oasis in the middle of the desert, an Eiffel Tower in exile, a Bermuda triangle for days of debauchery, heaven for some and hell for others, a moon made with more than 160 million pixels, and now also the home of Super Bowl LVIII.

The meeting of two concepts as powerful as the Super Bowl and Las Vegas predicts an unprecedented commercial explosion, and an economic impact of up to 600 million dollars. One of the largest sporting events in the world in the entertainment capital.

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Experts assure that this will be the most lucrative edition in history, not only because of the sponsorship issue, one of the strong points of the Super Bowl, an event in which up to 7 million dollars have been paid for 30-second adsbut because of what Las Vegas represents, in a package, the “Disney” for adults, with infinite activities to do, where the chance of the casinos and the adrenaline of betting complement the experience that the NFL creates around the most important game. it’s from the season.

He Allegiant Stadium, venue inaugurated in 2020 and that It had an investment of just over 1.8 billion dollars, is an extra attraction, as one of the large buildings that give life to the well-known Strip, where the luxury of the hotels and the neon lights of the casinos welcome tourists who come in search of fun. The experience of visiting the property is in keeping with the tradition of the entertainment capital, where waste is part of sin itself: the more, the better.

As in each superbowl, Fans, and even not so fans, pay exaggerated prices for this event. Not only for the tickets, which reached more than a million pesos in resale, but also in terms of accommodation, where hotel costs triple when it comes to top-level events, such as boxing fights in September or Formula One.

On Ticketmaster in the United States, one day after the duel between Chiefs and 49ers was decided, ticket prices ranged from 8,333 dollars (138 thousand pesos) to 50 thousand dollars (861 thousand pesos)but in the different digital legal resale systems, such as StubHub, prices today exceed one million pesos.

“It is the most expensive Super Bowl in history to attend. The Allegiant is the most expensive stadium of the 32 NFL teams. To give an example, in a regular season game, you spend approximately $1,300 for four people, including a ticket, parking, two beers, two soft drinks, and four hot dogs. The cheapest is Atlanta, where you spend $290 for the same amount, it is abysmal,” explained Javier Balseca, sports marketing expert, in conversation with ESTO.

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“From the tickets that are already sold out, and those that are on authorized resale. It is incredible what this is generating superbowland if sportingly we find a good game, then much better, because the stadium lends itself and the city is going to lend itself,” he added.

Just as the concept of “Sin City” exemplifies the festive mood of the area, there is the phrase “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”, as a reprieve, the truth is that in recent years the The city has sought to diversify, without losing its essence. Through its streets you can still hear the echo of the songs of idols like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra; However, the hustle and bustle of the buildings, with the vertigo that only sports generates, is increasing.

“The United States is the master of sports marketing, and in Las Vegas they learned well. The city began to transform 10 years ago and decided to make a destination for all tastes. That vision of the people of Nevada, being the entertainment capital, of diversifying sports; The only thing they had were boxing fights, and from that they did it in the studio and saw the economic impact of an event every month,” Balseca added.

And over the years it became customary for the big boxing fights, those with million-dollar purses and lucrative PPV contracts, to be held in their hotels, as an alternative for all those tourists eager for strong emotions. Today’s offer offers American football games, with the Raiders; hockey, with the Golden Knights; soccer, mixed martial arts fights and even Formula One. In the coming years the MLB will join, with the Athletics, and there is a strong intention to run an NBA franchise.

You go to Las Vegas and there are always people, it’s like Disney but for adults, whether it’s hot, whether it’s spring break, whether it’s a watch party, whether it’s a party, there are always people. Before, tourists looked for entertainment packages from Thursday to Sunday, now they look for them all week

Javier Balseca, sports marketing expert

Sin City

Sin is understood as everything that transgresses what is due. For years, Las Vegas was conceived as a dark destination where the mafia made and broke, motivated by the large sums of money handled in the city. Many of these stories are even exemplified in the Mafia Museum, located there, almost as a tribute.

Betting, long frowned upon in sport, due to the temptation of rigging a result with dark interests, they are also an important part of the city.

The las vegas casinos They send signals to the world about what is and what could be. Such a thin line. From then on, speculation begins by those who are willing to lose everything in order to win.

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“Approximately three years ago the issue of betting took a completely different turn. We do not measure the money that is put into the sportsbooks in Las Vegas, every hotel, at least, has a sportsbook, it is impressive. In fact, MGM is a sponsor of Raiders, just as many other betting houses have their local team, what they pay in that sponsorship they recover in three or four weeks of play, what they generate is impressive. We do not measure the amount that moves from betting and casinos, specifically from the Super Bowl,” Balseca analyzed.

Leisure has reached such a point that bettors trust their luck to theoretically insignificant facts such as the result of the toss, the color of the energy drink, the length of the anthem, among other particularities.

As if the NFL had aligned the stars, the Taylor Swift factor has been added to the luxury of Las Vegas and the brilliance of the Super Bowl. The American pop star’s relationship with Travis Kelcetight end for the Chiefs, has unleashed a curious phenomenon, where a public that previously dedicated Sundays to other activities, now turns to watching American football, an emerging market that will take advantage of the lights of Super Sunday to magnify its scope.

The emergence of young figures has also borne fruit. With Tom Brady in retirement, Patrick Mahomes has taken the mantle as the quarterback who can do anything, with the possibility of winning his third Super Bowl.

Opposite him will be another media phenomenon like Brock Purdy, the last selection in the 2022 draft. The 49ers quarterback represents the narrative of the unpredictable, the story of the common boy who manages to improve himself. All of these factors converge into the monstrous final product called the NFL.

“There are people who just want to go to Kansas City just to see Taylor Swift in a box, it’s an additional morbidity. Now the female market that didn’t see you, now sees you. The phenomenon of young quarterbacks and now the female public, with a female monster, which is linked to the NFL, in some way, is unlocking what many leagues want, the young market,” explained the specialist.

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