Taboada calls to recognize increase in violence to find a solution – El Sol de México

Santiago Taboada, candidate for head of local government for the alliance National Action Party (PAN), Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD)declared that in the city and in the country violence increased and, to solve this problem, we must first recognize it.

During the signing of the document “Commitments for Peace in Mexico City”, He stated that during the last 27 years, the ruling political group “has decided to tolerate and close its eyes to the reality of this city.”

He stated that the reconstruction of the social fabric is not only done by the government, since the generation of proposals in the peace agenda must involve the civil society and the Churches.

“We are very wrong if we think that the solutions are only going to come from the government, we are making a mistake by leaving aside civil society, leaving aside the Churches as a whole.”

“Precisely bringing the peace and security agenda to fruition has to do, mainly, with being able to embrace each other again and shake hands between civil society and the government,” he said.

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The candidate criticized the role of the National Human Rights Commission by stating that he has protected the government and not the victims.

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