Taiwan raises the death toll to 10 and more than a thousand injured after earthquake – El Sol de México

Taiwan this Thursday raised the number of dead from the strong earthquake that shook the east coast of the island yesterday, leaving 1,067 people injured and another 698 stranded or incommunicado, the state news agency CNA reported.

According to the latest data from the Emergency Response Center, the earthquake has caused a total of 2,523 incidents of varying magnitude across the island, most of them in the eastern county of Hualien, the ‘ground zero’ of the earthquake.

This Thursday, emergency teams found the tenth fatalitya 65-year-old man buried by rocks on a trail in Taroko National Park, where most of the people trapped by the earthquake are located.

Several rescuers They have had to walk to the park due to the poor condition of the roads and paths, and it is expected that they will find stranded passers-by in the next few hours.

In total, 961 people have been evacuated throughout the island and 619 had to be relocated to 31 accommodations.

The earthquake, whose magnitude was 7.2 according to the Central Meteorological Agency (CWA) of Taiwan and 7.4 according to the United States Geological Survey, occurred at 7:58 on Wednesday in the sea, specifically 25 kilometers southeast of Hualien.

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This earthquake It is the most intense that Taiwan has suffered since September 21, 1999, when a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed more than 2,400 people.

Taiwan It sits at the confluence of the Philippine and Eurasian plates, so earthquakes are frequent on the island.

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