“Tenderness” plays with the struggle of the sexes – El Sol de México

In a comedic tone, “La ternura” takes the struggle of the sexes to the extreme by presenting a story set in England in the 16th century, which makes reference in its dialogues to works by Shakespeare and to popular Mexican songs, in which A woman and a man try to keep their children away from the opposite sex.

Originally by the Spanish playwright Alfredo Sanzol and directed by Benjamín Cann, the play premiered at the Nuevo Teatro Libanés, which featured a back-and-forth movement of the six characters that entered and left behind the curtains that are practically the only set, played by Alejandro Calva , Mónica Dionne, Arap Bethke, Pierre Louis, Carla Medina, and Luisa Guzmán.

The story tells how an aristocrat flees with her two daughters from the yoke of her husband, who plans to marry the young women to powerful men they do not even know; The three set sail on a ship with hundreds of men, dressed as them, and magically survive when the ship sinks.

They arrive at the island they chose to make their new life, where they unexpectedly meet a man and his two children, who also ran away to live away from the women, who seem bossy and noisy to them. What none of the parents could calculate is that there is no one who can stop young love.

Before starting the performance that was sponsored by Las Meninas, the actors David Zepeda, Osvaldo Zárate, César Bono, Susana Alexander – who entered directly into the theater –, Mariana Garza, María Perroni and Ingrid Martz walked the red carpet.

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