Texas has prosecuted more than 200 migrants for “riot” – El Sol de México

HOUSTON. More of 200 migrants who crossed the border from Mexico to the United States in March after pushing past a military siege, They were prosecuted for “mutiny” and risk deportation, reported Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In the morning of Thursday March 21, “an important group of migrants” breached a barbed wire fence on the borderoverflowed military control and entered Texassouth of the USA, immigration authorities said on that occasion.

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“Charges of riot for 222 immigrants who broke the barbed wire and they knocked down the Texas National Guard. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) confirmed that it will obtain custody of all those accused of crossing the border and will initiate deportation proceedings against all of them. send them back“, said Abbott in its account of

The migrants They pushed aside part of a concertina wire barricade that the Texas National Guard has installed between the Rio Grande -natural boundary between Texas and Mexico and the border wall in the city of El Paso, Texas. After the incident, the migrants were taken to a processing center and the military regained control of the place.

The news of the processing of the migrants was disclosed by the portal Border Reportthat cites state court records. Several of the defendants remain in an El Paso County jailindicated the publication, later replicated by local media.

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Month after month, thousands of migrants, mainly from Latin America but also of Africa or Asia, They cross the border from Mexico to the United States irregularly, requesting asylum and searching for better living conditions.

Immigration is a key issue to achieve popular support in the November presidential elections where the Democratic ruler will face off Joe Biden and the republican donald trumpwho maintains a strong speech anti-immigration and criticizes the president for allowing a “invasion” in the country.

Biden accuses Republicans of sabotaging Congress, has asked for trumphis immigration reform plan.

Abbott, an ally of the Republican candidate, has challenged Biden’s federal jurisdiction and militarized part of the borderwhile fighting for justice to give the green light to the application of a law that allows arrests in Texas to migrants who have entered illegally, and even expel them to Mexico.

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Meanwhile, a federal court in Boston authorized the process on a lawsuit against the airline Vertol Systems that, under contract with the state of Floridatrasfer of Texas to Massachusetts to migrants, who had just crossed the border.

In September 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent about 50 migrantsmostly Venezuelans who requested asylum, on a flight from San Antonio, Texasto the wealthy Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusettswhich sparked protests by activists.

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