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We are just a few hours away celebrate Christmasand celebrities and influencers are ready to join the most special holiday of the year.

Circles spoke with some notable characters of Mexican society to share with us what their Christmas rituals are, their favorite dinner and wishes for the next year 2024.

Andy Benavides

The famous regiomontana influencer She exclusively declared herself a fan of Christmas, since it is a time that she celebrates with her family in her hometown and enjoys a great banquet prepared by her mother, who has a social media channel “Moma’s Kitchen.”

“We had a delicious dinner, my mother’s grandparents were Italian and some recipes were for this dinner such as potato gnocchi and a very regal turkey with Ramos pork rinds,” he shared.

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By being fashion lovercommented that her look for tonight is planned in advance and that glitter is never lacking.

Among his wishes for 2024 is to enjoy his family and daughters more, “with so much work, sometimes I feel like I don’t enjoy every moment and I would like to take a break, enjoy everything that comes and a lot of happiness.”

She took advantage of the conversation to remember that when she was little, everyone stayed the night in the living room to wait for Santa Claus to arrive, “at the end of dinner we all fell asleep in the living room in a pile because we were excited to wait for Santa, awake, never We did it but waking up all together and seeing our gifts is something I will never forget,” he concluded.

Tania Ladeiro

The model and influencer Originally from the Canary Islands, she will spend Christmas with her family, surrounded by her loved ones.

He said that this time is “perfect for family unity, showing how much we love them, in addition to enjoying this special moment,” he said.

Among her wishes to welcome the new year, the host also shared, “always good health to my family, and be grateful for the little things, and let everything that comes flow flow.”

Beatriz Calles

The director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City You will celebrate Christmas with your family as you traditionally do every year.

For Bea, as she is known in the media, this year was very intense and worrying due to everything that is happening in the world, so her wishes are dedicated to world peace, “I truly wish with all my heart that there is no longer “There are so many wars, we have to live calmly, in total peace, this situation is very serious,” he said.

He added that he also wants the people affected by Hurricane Otis in Guerrero to find calm and “move forward.”

Mariana Ochoa

The famous mexican singerwill celebrate these dates with the family but from the beach, where they will enjoy the sunny weather and take a few days of rest after a year of hard work and artistic tours.

“One of the rituals that I like to do is to take out my suitcases to travel for a long time, yes it has worked but I am seriously thinking that now this time I will leave this on pause, because now I am looking to be calm in Mexico,” she said.

Mariana wishes much prosperity and abundance For the new year, since she has many personal projects coming up, “I have an influencer marketing agency that is growing rapidly and that makes me very excited, so I want to focus on this and continue working,” she concluded.

Alex Ivan

This will be a special Christmas for Alex Ivanbecause she is fully enjoying her time as a mother.

“Last year Sasha was very baby and didn’t realize what was happening, now she is more aware and older and pays attention to details, and that makes me very excited,” she shared with us.

The blogger of Swedish origin will travel to Valle de Bravo, the place of residence of her in-laws where they will meet as a family, “it will be a fairly quiet Christmas, but always enjoying our loved ones.”

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Alex’s wishes are to be healthy and have a lot of work, “I really want to work, after being in this stage of being a new mother, you want to get back to doing things and so that’s what I want, to work a lot.”

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