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The physical and mental change in a person can take time, but if it is enhanced by lightning, everything can be different from what it really was.

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This is how he considers it Lucia Puenzowho in his fifth feature film, “The Impacted”decided to develop a fictional story based on real stories of the survivors of electric lightning.

While there are many who die instantly, a few live to tell the tale, but there are fewer for whom life takes a turn.

That was what the Argentine director found while searching for information for this film.

“This script was brought to me by a visual artist, Lorena Ventimiglia, she had written a first version that she offered me to write and direct together. We quickly entered this world so close, but at the same time so unknown to everyone, about what happens with those lightning survivors; We began to interview survivors, groups, doctors and thus we arrived at electrophilia, the addiction to electricity, which causes many of these addicts to be impacted, they have even survived one or various impacts“, stated Puenzo in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

He film addresses the story of “Ada”, a young veterinarian who suffers from lightning strike during a storm in the countryside; This not only reconfigures her physically, but also psychologically.

Being a survivor also left him different visual and auditory hallucinations, electric shocks and temporary confusion that gradually distance her from what her past life was like. The path to electrophilia will be a journey of no return.

“For me, that universe that suddenly opened up, that sounded so science fiction, but that was true, because everything is documented in medical cases, I found it fascinating. For example, one case is the behavior of our organs and how it can change after an impact, like what happens to ‘Ada’ (the protagonist) who would have had an early menopause, but after the impact her ovaries were fertile again, that is something we found in one of the survivors of a lightning strike,” said the director.

The tape It was filmed a year and a half ago in Buenos Aires over five weeks. Its premiere was in San Sebastian Festival, in Spain. In Mexico it had a premiere in Morelia International Film Festival last year and is now available.


Puenzo is the director of “The Fall”, movie starring Karla Souza and which a few months ago was recognized in the Emmy Awards. However, the director is not dazzled by the success achieved by her, on the contrary, for her, her attention is on the new thing she is creating, celebrating, of course, the triumphs obtained, but not stagnating there.

“‘The fall’ He had and continues to have a long, very happy life, the word of mouth of the movie It was incredible, it is a film that found its audience and that reached countries and latitudes very far from Mexico and Latin America and I have received messages from people who made very deep contact with the story, for me that was a great surprise because it We dedicate years of our lives to our films and that they can have long lives is something we always celebrate,” he said.

Puenzo is working on different projects, one of them is “The Gunslinger”a story based on the Argentine murderer and thief Margarita Di Tulio.

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Another is about a movie which follows the story of a young autistic man who leaves his parents’ home to begin his adult life; This will be titled “Marcelo in the real world.”

And he also works on “Futuro Desierto”, series which uses Artificial Intelligence in its production and will soon be available on Paramount+.

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