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The residents of at least five neighborhoods in the mayor’s office Benito Juarez they distrust the water of the key: some say that smells like gasolineothers more insecticide, burned fat, oil or plasticine. He Mexico City Water System denies that it is contaminated by any type of hydrocarbon.

The reported water has a light yellow color, which is more notable when compared to water from the jug. When the neighbors open the faucet there is a slight smell that is difficult for them to describe.

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María de Jesús Hernández Sánchez and Leticia Nava Nájerainhabitants of the cologne Estremadura Insurgentsagreed that the problem began two weeks ago, but initially they believed that they were particular cases, that is, that it was only in their housesand they didn’t pay much attention to it.

He April 1st, The complaints went viral, there they confirmed that there was something strange in the water. The smell, they say, causes dizziness, headaches and, in the worst case, dry on the skin.

At the home of Leticia Navaa pool where the tap water has a darkened line that, according to the neighbor, appeared since the water comes out dirty. He explained that as the days went by, a was formed greasy layer in the pool.

“I perceive like a burning oil fuel that remains and it is not so easy to remove, because it has a penetrating smell, not of gasoline, but of an oil or plasticine smell (…). In my hands I have felt changes that didn’t even happen to me from the cold, which is the dry“No matter how much I apply creams, it is not enough,” he said.

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Sacmex reported last night that specialized personnel from the Central Water Quality Control Laboratory inspected the water of the mayor’s office, five wells and a distribution tank.

“The results allow us to conclude that the water supplied through the network, in the aforementioned colonies, is of good qualitysuitable for human use and consumption, in accordance with the provisions of the NOM-127-SSA1-2021“he concluded.

Maria de Jesus Hernandez, another of the residents of the mayor’s office, explained that the water from the water tanks, especially when they are exposed to high temperatures, has an insecticidal smell. “We are looking for a way in which the mayor’s office can help us.r, because it is not just this colony, there are several,” he asserted.

He Water System responded that, in In the cases of water tanks, the bad smell is due to the fact that they are not maintained. “From the evaluation of the analyzes carried out, it is clear that the water distributed through the hydraulic network and to the household intakes does not contain any smellwhich does occur in some cases when the sample is taken directly from the cisterns and water tankswhich could be associated with storage time and the no daily renewal of water in these tanks“.

The response of Sacmex did not satisfy the neighborswell They claim that the water could have adverse effects on their health. Sacmex I inform you that will continue with sampling in tanks and home intakes to strengthen the opinion and rule out any type of contamination that could harm the health of the inhabitants of the mayor’s office.

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Besides the System inspectionyesterday the staff of the Executive Directorate of Civil Protection of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office It also took samples from some departments to send to an external laboratory.

The homes with citizen reports of contaminated water were concentrateduntil yesterday, in the colonies Nonoalco, Christmas Eve, Sports City, From the North Valley and the Center Valley. The mayor’s office made available the number of the Shield Base BJ 800 050 0225 to report this problem.

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