The year the right wing committed suicide – El Sol de México

These end-of-year moments force us to review the most important moments, but one of the most relevant facts is that this will be remembered, without a doubt, as the year in which 83 years of political work that make up the history of the PAN was thrown into the trash. . The current right will be remembered with sad memory; The legacy of Manuel Gómez Morín, Efraín González Luna, Manuel Clouthier, and other renowned historical figures will be lost. The PANism that emerged as a reaction to the revolution meant a serious opposition at many times, and a promoter of democracy. Even though I personally do not share their ideology, they were consistent, they had solid concepts and valid aspirations that no longer exist today.

A great paradox in the history of the PAN is that it was one of the first victims of neoliberalism, when they sacrificed their ideological orientation for a shameful negotiation and the pragmatism that brought them to government; All this caused them to be lost as a political and ideological project. Now the PAN is dying of illnesses with a clear diagnosis: ignorance, frivolity, laziness, but above all, for having surrendered to business interests. This was deepened by assuming that a campaign based on rudeness, truisms and simplicity could be sustained.

The lack of leadership is unquestionable, as is its association with corruption and multiple scandals. As if that were not enough, he allies himself with his two historical adversaries, which is explainable, a PRI that renounced its ideology of revolutionary nationalism to be an apologist for neoliberalism; and a PRD that renounced being the opposition to become a collaborationist, a kind of small, yellow and funny minion. All three suffocated by leadership as clumsy, petty and lost.

Next year will be decisive for the future of the country, but also for the opposition, which has neither known how to join a transformation project nor propose an alternative project. The strategy of ill-will, of talking and proclaiming a catastrophe that never came, was already consumed, everything was exhausted in seeking immediate rewards and in the renunciation of ideological principles. For all of the above, we will remember 2023 as the year in which the right committed suicide. XXX TWITTER @LuisH_Fernandez

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