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Motorists of the State of Mexico have complications for check your vehicles due to the shortage of holograms in verification centers. If they do not complete the procedure before the end of the year they will be fined.

El Sol de México confirmed that in the verification center NE968located in the El Porvernir neighborhood, in Nezahualcóyotl, the employees informed the motorists about the lack of stickers and invited them to attend other places or to line up in a parking lot to leave in a caravan to where there was service.

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“We don’t have any holograms, if you like to go to one of these verification centers or if you like to be here tomorrow, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. my companions are leaving in caravans towards a verification center where they do have all the gumming,” said a worker.

Some motorists who arrived at the place decided to line up so that the workers of the establishment will guide them to a place to continue with their procedure. Others left to look for a place with rubber.

The check November-December is for vehicles with blue sticker, plate ending 0 and 9. The deadline for the procedure is December 31.

Those who do not accredit the test antipollutant They will be fined two thousand 74 pesos and eight cents, in accordance with the provisions published by the Mexican government in the official gazette.

“There will be no extensions for any reason and you can face a fine. Most of the verification centers) in the area are running out of holograms. They no longer reach us holograms for this semester, they would arrive to us for the semester of 2024,” commented the verification center employee.

Alejandro García, who came on Friday to verify his 1992 voice, stated that in previous years he did not face this problem. Furthermore, a motorist She regretted the situation, because if she fails to verify her car she will be sanctioned.

“They told me that there is no gummed And well, they are going to fine us,” said the Mexican woman as she left the checkpoint.

In two centers of Ecatepec and one from Acolman, the situation was the same: they did not have holograms.

At the EC937 establishment, located in Venta de Carpio, in Ecatepec, those in charge notified the motorists the lack of holograms and they asked them not to wait in lines.

“What am I going to do if we are three days away from the end of the month and the period that corresponds to my car?” asked a driver to the receptionist of the place, who invited him to look in Nezahualcóyotl or Chalco, since there were no rubberized

“We don’t have any kind of hologramneither zero nor one nor two, they have all been finished and they will not arrive until next year,” said a worker.

The same situation occurred in the establishment AC991located in the Tepexpan neighborhood.

“I spent all morning, part of the afternoon, looking for verification center. They do not have hologramsSome have stickers 1 and 2, but the majority of the area: Ecatepec, Tultitlán, Cuautitlán and Tultepec do not have holograms,” commented Rubén Flores, a motorist from Ecatepec.


The centers that until yesterday still had hologramsAs the S-918 of Ecatepec and T-946 from Tecámac, were crowded with motorists, as some lined up as early as 2:00 a.m.

The average wait, they said, to be attended to was at least six hours.

Some drivers They said they traveled up to six verification centers from municipalities such as Zumpango, Cuautitlán, Nezahualcóyotl, Coacalco and Huixquilucan. In none of them did they find stickers.

Another center where there was holograms It was EC910, in Ecatepec. In this place, Rogelio checked his car, because from 12:00 p.m. he visited several establishments that they did not have the service.

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“I come from Ciudad Azteca and Valle de Aragón and in this I did find, my hologram It’s zero, but I’ve been here for a while now,” he commented.

In the case of the establishment EC831, located in San Isidro Atlaultenco, Ecatepec, drivers only found hologram 1.

Until the closing of this edition, the government of the State of Mexico did not report on the shortage of holograms nor did it indicate whether it will grant a grace period for the motorists affected. With information from Rubén Pérez / La Prensa and Fernando Solís / El Sol de Toluca / Gloria López / Ivonne Rodríguez

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