They arrest El Mamado, leader of the criminal group Los Rodolfos in Xochimilco – El Sol de México

Luis Alberto “N”, alias “El Mamado”alleged leader of the Los Rodolfos criminal group, as well as 29 more people related to criminal groups in the Xochimilco mayor’s office.were detained during operations and searches in several homes in that district.

They confiscate drugs

The accused were assured. 700 doses of cocaine, 400 more of green vegetables with the characteristics of marijuana, as well as firearms, ballistic vests and cash, proceeds from drug sales.

Both the leader of Los Rodolfos, a descendant of Tláhuac Cartellike the other 29 detainees, were put to provision of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and in the next few hours their legal situation will be determined.

In response to various citizen complaints about the commission of crimes in the Xochimilco mayor’s office, members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City They implemented operational deployments in different neighborhoods to identify and arrest generators of violence.

Colonies raided by police

In coordinated and simultaneous actions, officers from the Undersecretaries of Police Operation and Police Investigation and Intelligence, as well as the Cóndores group of this Secretariat, in the neighborhoods Barrio Xaltocan, Belen, Ampliación San Marcos, Pueblo de San Lorenzo Atemoaya, El Mirador, Santa Cruz Acalpixca, San Gregorio Atlapulco, Santiago Tepalcatepec, San Juan, San Mateo Xalpa and La Asunción carried out security, supervision and reconnaissance tours.

As a result of the above, 30 men were arrested, including one 43-year-old, identified as Luis Alberto alias “El Mamado”, a probable member of the criminal group, Los Rodolfos, which operates in the southern area of ​​Mexico City. , dedicated to the crimes of extortion, drug dealing, homicide and dispossession.

In addition, 406 doses and around 5.8 kilograms of a green and dry herb similar to marijuana, 713 wrappers and approximately 300 grams of a substance similar to cocaine in its stone and powder presentations, and around half a kilo of the drug known as crystal. Four short firearms, 21 useful cartridges, two motorcycles, two ballistic vests and cash were also seized.

The detainees were informed of their legal rights and, together with what was secured, they were placed at the disposal of the corresponding Public Ministry agent who will define their legal situation and continue with the pertinent investigations.

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