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He National System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF) enabled the first Social Assistance Center (CAS) Migrant in the south of Mexico City who will serve 100 people with health services, accommodation, food and legal support.

El Sol de México revealed in its edition from January 16 that the number of migrant minors who arrived in Mexico City on their way to the United States increased 38 percent in recent years, since the capital’s DIF went from caring for 936 minors in 2021 to 1,297 in 2023.

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Due to the increase in migrant flowIn January, the national DIF responded that it would install 150 migrant support centers in 17 areas of the country with the greatest risk for children.

In a press conference, the head of the national DIF, Nuria Fernández, reported that In Mexico City there will only be one center and will serve not only girls, boys, adolescents alone or accompanied in a mobility context, but also their parents.

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“At the moment we have 74 spaces operating, there will be 150 in the country, and one of them is the one we opened (in CDMX). It will be in our home for girls, it is in the buildings that are in front of Perisur and there we will be able to attend a little more than 100 girls, boys and accompanied and unaccompanied adolescents in the context of mobility,” he said.

He Migrant Social Assistance Center is in the Home for Girls (Cahoni), located in Avenida Insurgentes 3700-A, in the Cuicuilco neighborhood, Coyoacán mayor’s office. According to Nuria Fernández, the center will also provide support to parents to find work through the portal “Mexico employs you”, a job bank for migrants.

“It is giving migrants the necessary information about what the Government of Mexico to support them in what they need in healthif they need vaccines or a space. There will be many government agencies offering their services,” he added.

He January 16 of this yearthe General Director of Coordination and Promotion of Policies for Early Childhood, Families and Population in Situations of Vulnerability of the national DIF, Raúl Mustafa Yassin Jiménez, confirmed to this newspaper that The increase in the migrant flow is at the national level and he specified that three out of every 10 people are minors andbetween six and eight years.

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“It reflects how The migrant flow has grown, and this has been the case at the national level. In 2022, the centers subsidized by the National System served approximately 69 thousand people; In July of last year we already brought approximately 75 thousand people, the flow is increasing too much,” said Yassin Jiménez.

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