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Because electoral propaganda in the country’s capital is out of control, Javier Ramos Francocoordinator of the parliamentary association Green Alliance Together for the City of the local Congress, fought for a stricter regulation that prevents it from being placed in bridges, poles, signaling vials and parksfor the purpose of avoid contamination.

When substantiating your proposal, The legislator explained that it is about improving the image of the metropolis and considered that said advertising must be located, installed and removed under the same terms as all outdoor advertising.

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“The and We capital residents are tired of this electoral garbage which only serves to contaminate and affect the environment in which we live. These banners and banners of parties and candidates do not serve to convince anyone to vote for them.. If we want to improve the political-electoral system, let us promote debate, the construction of agreements and the delivery of good government results. But this electoral propaganda no longer works or contributes anything to building a better city,” he stated.

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The deputy specified that his initiative is aimed at reforming the Electoral Code and the Outdoor Advertising Law and seeks to contribute to the reduction of stress due to visual saturation, facilitate pedestrian mobility and improve the urban experience of the inhabitants.

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“With this measure, the party or candidate who wants to advertise You must use the means that are designed for this, such as billboards, fences, bus stops or under bridges, among others, and pay for it, just as any other person who wants to advertise does, leaving safe the right of people who want to place this propaganda in their homes, as well as the use of the internet and social networks,” said the also vice president of the Environmental Preservation CommissionClimate Change and Ecological Protection of the capital Congress.

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