They will rehabilitate Metro Line B at night – El Sol de México

The head of government, Martí Batres Guadarrama, reported that releveling work will be carried out at four stations on line B of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STCM), which will begin on January 18, 2024.

At a press conference, he explained that the rehabilitation work will be carried out at night, on an elevated section of 4.18 kilometers, at the San Lázaro, Flores Magón, Romero Rubio and Oceanía stations.

“On line B we are also going to do releveling works, on an elevated section that has been in operation for 24 years, has been in use and requires certain releveling works,” he said.

The capital’s president highlighted that these works will make it possible to increase the speed of the trains from 35 to 65 kilometers per hour in the section from the stations from San Lázaro to Oceania.

“These works are going to start on January 18 and will not involve inconvenience for users because they are works that will be carried out at night, at night, that is, the service will not be interrupted in other cases Unlike Line 9, the service will remain normal,” he assured.

The director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderón Aguilera, highlighted that the work will begin from 12 at night until 5 in the morning, for five months.

“This intervention is due to the differential settlements that have occurred in the area, an area located in the custre and what we want is to recover the original conditions that the geometric layout of that road had in 1999,” he added.

Calderón Aguilera explained that over time part of the structure sank, so around 300 concrete blocks called plinths will be leveled to relevel the elevated section and fix the support of the road. In addition to replacing the nioprene in four points to prevent vibration from being generated on the structure.

He explained that the rehabilitation and modernization will benefit more than 435 thousand users per day and the cost of the work will be announced until the company that will carry out the releveling work is defined.

“The public tender that is in progress, tomorrow there is a visit to the site of the participating companies and we will be issuing the decision of the tender on January 11, in such a way that the work begins on January 18 and concludes on January 18. May 2024,” he said.

Remodeling in other lines

The head of government highlighted that more than one billion pesos will be added to the Metro budget that was approved for 2023 to rehabilitate transportation infrastructure and improve service to users.

“This means that there will be more resources for maintenance, for the purchase of escalators that are going to be made, among other materials to improve the Metro, which is one of the priorities of the government of Mexico City,” he explained.

He highlighted that they will be reporting on the rehabilitation of other Metro lines such as the case of Line 4, which last February, El Sol de México reported that it presents collapse and deformations in the track system and displacement of beams between the lines. sections of Morelos and Fray Servando-Santa Anita.

“We are going to attend to the part of Line 4 but we do have to go in a systematic organized way so that the Metro System works in general and we can be doing all these updating works, in due course we will be reporting on other Metro lines “They will have your attention,” he said.

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The president highlighted that work is being carried out simultaneously on Line 1 western section; completing the works on Line 2; the releveling in Pantitlán on line 9, which involves dismantling a section and rebuilding it, as well as the works on Line B that will begin in January.

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