Tiago Volpi says who should be the Tricolor goalkeeper: Memo Ochoa or Malagón – El Sol de México

In days when the future of the Tricolor arch could be in suspense, Tiago Volpi, Toluca’s goalkeeper, gave his opinion on the presence of Luis Ángel Malagón and Guillermo Ochoa.

The Brazilian goalkeeper, who is in the process of becoming naturalized and who sounds like a possible reinforcement for the Mexican National Team, had no problem praising Luis Ángel Malagón in an interview with David Faitelson.

What’s more, the Brazilian assured that Malagón is the best goalkeeper in Mexican soccer.

“In all sincerity, today for me he is the best goalkeeper in Mexican soccer. The title with America has given him more confidence; Today he can compete with Ochoa, it is not that he is threatened, but there is a very young goalkeeper who has the capabilities to play as well,” Volpi revealed.

What does Volpi think about Memo Ochoa?

Tiago Volpi considered that it is unfair that players like Memo Ochoa want to be discarded despite all the positive things they contributed to the National Team.

“Everything he has done, with great matches at the world level, at the World Cup level, you have nothing to say against him and you do have to recognize him for what he has done. He is a guy who has gone to Europe without fear of taking risks, it is normal that more come to you and they score more goals,” he said.

“If the World Cup were today, for me Ochoa would still be the starter for his entire history. With all the history that Ochoa has in the national team, it is discarding him or saying that he is no longer useful, it seems unfair to me for everything he has done. Besides, for us Brazilians, what he did at the World Cup in Brazil left a very strong mark on us, people love him,” Volpi concluded.

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