Tourists crowd the beaches of Acapulco; They report up to 80% occupancy – El Sol de México

After the devastation to the port by the passage of Hurricane Otis, the beaches of Caleta and Capetillo in The traditional area of ​​Acapulco is invaded by thousands of tourists. nationals who came to this tourist destination to enjoy the holiday season and the end of the year festivities, including the fireworks gala.

The Secretary of Tourism of Guerrero, through the statistics department, reported that this beach destination increased the occupancy of hotel rooms. Saturday December 30th.

According to this sampling, The Diamond Zone registered 49.8 percent, the Golden Zone was located with 79.8 and the Traditional or Nautical Zone captured 49.7 percent, for a general occupancy of 70.1 percent.

The statistics department pointed out that according to this same sampling, in the binomial Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo occupancy was 85.8 and 84.5 percentrespectively.

While in the city PTaxco de Alarcón side managed to raise its numbers to 69.2 percentwith the optimism that this Sunday it will reach one hundred percent.

With these percentages, General hotel occupancy in the so-called Triangle of the Sun was 81.5 percentthus meeting the expectations of Tourist and hotel Service Providers for this year-end celebration.

For their part, restaurateurs and presenters of tourist services in that area of ​​the port of The beaches of Caleta and Caletilla began to register the arrival of a large number of buses since Thursday. on an excursion with many tourists from cities like Mexico, Puebla, Toluca and Morelos.

“Despite the poor expectations that were had for this New Year’s Eve holiday season, due to the severe damage that the hurricane left in the entire tourism industry, The influx of visitors at this point in Acapulco is acceptable, there is tourism on the beaches, in the restaurants, in the market inns and this is good considering that there is not a 100 percent reactivation yet in the port, the influx is considerable and this is income,” said Esteban Molina Duarte, restaurateur.

The businessman pointed out that at least this weekend, for the Traditional area is excellent in terms of the arrival of visitors, Therefore, the number of visitors is now expected to increase this Sunday with the fireworks gala throughout the bay.

Likewise, he said he hopes to close the year 2023 very well this Sunday night, The above considering how little the industry is functioning without chimneys in Acapulco after the passage of Hurricane Otis, which devastated everything in its path through this beach destination.

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Molina Duarte, highlighted that At least these days of season, a little economic resource can be rescued to pay salaries of the workers who remained in the restaurants and hotels of the Traditional zone, as well as public services.

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