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Four days after the insecurity crisis began in Chilpancingo that led to the total suspension of public transportation, The state government announced that guarded by more than 500 elements of the Army, National Guard and state police, this Thursday the gradual return of public transport units to the streets of Chilpancingo will begin

He explained that units will reduce their schedules based on their own perception of safety, but they will already be working to normalize activities in Chilpancingo.

The statement attributed to the Secretary of Public Security of the state Rolando Solano Rivera, establishes that on the morning of this Thursday the 20 percent of the public transport units that cover routes in Chilpancingo were working while the remaining 80 percent would return to work during the day.

He explained that The operation to take care of public transport units will be carried out by military personnel of the National Guard and the State Police, some of whom remain deployed in fixed positions, and others on constant tours of the city, seeking to provide peace of mind to the population and especially to the transportation sector.

“With these security guarantees, in accordance with the agreements with the transport leaders, The urban and foreign public transport service was restored to 20 percent this morning and will gradually increase during the course of the day, according to the conditions that they observe and feel that security that allows them to do their work.”

General Solano toured the capital to verify the police deployment and coordination with the armed forces with whom they have established 4 security filters that will be monitoring 24 hours a day to inhibit crimes, adding the surveillance tours carried out by state, federal and armed forces in areas with the greatest influx of people.

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“With the efforts of everyone and the population itself we are going to achieve it, We need everyone to participate to help our state police, National Guard and Mexican Army,” said General Rolando Solano.

The security operation will be made up of 180 elements of the State Police, 140 of the National Guard and 200 members of the Mexican Army.

Note published in The Sun of Acapulco

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