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One of the events on which the eyes of the world will be attentive in 2024 are the presidential elections in the United States.

This democratic process has historically been followed with great interest and is presented as a crucible of challenges and opportunities, as it will mark a crucial point for American democracy and its global influence.

In 2024, presidential elections will take place for congressmen and senators, as well as for governors in 11 states in that country.

Currently, Congress is made up of 213 Democrats and 221 Republicans. The Senate, with 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans.

As for governors, there are Democratic representatives in 23 states, compared to 27 Republicans. Of the 11 state governments in dispute, eight are currently in the hands of Republicans and three are in the hands of Democrats.

The Democratic Party primaries began in March 2023 and will end in February 2024 and the candidates to participate in the caucus have already been defined.

The list is headed by Joe Biden: current president, Marianne Williamson: writer and political activist and is one of the best positioned in the polls.

Cenk Uygur: of Turkish origin and naturalized American, Dean Phillips, Democratic congressman from Minnesota.

While, in the Republican Party, the primaries began in August 2023 with a first debate between the candidates and the official candidacy will be presented at the Republican National Convention in July 2024.

In this party, the one who leads the preferences is Donald Trump; businessman and former president of that country. Another candidate is Nikki Haley, current governor of South Carolina and former ambassador to the UN under Trump.

Vivek Ramaswamy: was a candidate for senator from Ohio. Conservative, anti-abortion, in favor of the legalization of certain drugs. Asa Hutchinson also participates: he was governor of Arkansas (2015-2023). He was attorney general under the George W. Bush Administration.

Ryan Binkley, another candidate, is a Texan businessman, president of Generation Group, a business consulting firm on mergers and acquisitions.

The list highlights Ron de Santis: governor of Florida, Chris Christie: former governor of New Jersey (2010-2018) and Doug Burgum: current governor of North Dakota.

Regarding electoral preferences between the main Republican and Democratic candidates, Donald Trump maintains the highest positive image, and the highest disapproval is for Biden with 50 percent.

However, in the Democratic Party primaries, according to the latest November polls, Biden maintains the preference over Mariane Williamson.

So, even though Trump is involved in the judicial tangle of his four criminal cases, he is the favorite in the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination. Trump would beat Biden with a preference of 49 percent to 45 percent.

Without a doubt, the topics that will be used in the campaigns will be the judicialization of Trump, since let us remember that he has 34 charges for falsification of corporate documents, payments to women to silence them, possible improper handling of classified documentation and for the attempted coup d’état in 2020, among others.

Another problem is the foreign policy of the United States, in particular the criticism of the war in Ukraine and Israel’s occupation of Palestine, due to the resources that have been requested to support them.

Migration is another key campaign issue. Biden’s policy has continued Trump’s policy in several respects. He has joined several Latin American countries (Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, among others) to “The Declaration of the Angels”, signed in 2022, which defines the regional migration containment policy.

These and other aspects will be used by the candidates towards the nomination process known as “Super Tuesday” that will take place in the month of March 2024.

“Super Tuesday” is a day in which several states simultaneously hold their primaries or caucuses and has great strategic importance, since a significant number of delegates to the National Convention of each party are contested on this day.

The result of “Super Tuesday” can solidify a candidate’s position as the favorite for his party’s nomination and for the elections that will be held on Tuesday, November 5. We’ll be alert.

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