Trump’s political future in suspense – El Sol de México

The coming weeks will be decisive for Donald Trump, as his political future is in the hands of the judges of the United States Supreme Court, who will have to determine whether Trump’s expulsion from the Republican primaries in the state of Colorado is constitutional.

Let us remember that in December, the Colorado court determined that the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution disqualifies the Republican for the “insurrection” of the assault on the Capitol, when Trump supporters attacked the Capitol to try to stop the ratification of Joe’s victory. Biden.

And in that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of that country establishes that no “member of Congress or officer of the United States” who has sworn an oath to the Constitution and “participated in an insurrection or rebellion” may be “elected president or vice president”, among other public positions.

That is why the legal debate is very divided, since the defenders of the former president assure that the amendment cannot be applied to Trump since the text speaks of “official” but does not explicitly mention the president.

Furthermore, the Republican’s defense maintains that he did not participate in any insurrection given that on the day of the assault he asked his followers to express themselves in a “peaceful and patriotic manner.”

The Supreme Court will have to make a decision quickly due to the tight election schedule, but analysts doubt there will be a ruling before Super Tuesday on March 5, when 15 states, including Colorado, will hold their primaries.

It is an unprecedented case, because if the highest Court rules in favor of the Colorado justice system, it would mark jurisprudence and open the door for other states controlled by Democrats to be able to “delete” Trump from the electoral ballots.

So, as we can see, the case is “complicated”, because it must be demonstrated, first of all, that Trump was directly involved in the attack on the Capitol and, furthermore, it would mark a challenge for the Republicans, because Donald Trump leads the preferences.

But what happens if the tycoon cannot be a candidate? Let us remember that the states of the American Union hold electoral assemblies and primary elections between January 15 and June 4, 2024.

So if Trump’s candidacy falters between the start of the primary season and the start of his party’s convention, which will be held July 15-18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, some states may extend filing deadlines. of candidates and the dates of the primaries to allow more people to participate in the race. We’ll be alert.

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