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Graphic Workshops of Mexico (TGM) and Corona JE Graphicscompanies that in the last elections” of 2021 and 2022 together monopolized the printing of 68 percent of the voting ballotsthey get ready again for their production, tickets and” as well as materials for the largest electoral process in the history of the country.

TGM, decentralized company of the Ministry of the Interior directed by Maribel Aguilera Cháirezsigned agreements this year with the National Electoral Institute (INE) and with the” local electoral public bodies (OPLE) of the State of Mexico, Tabasco and Tamaulipas for the printing of more than 340 million ballots.

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Corona JE Charts, company by Juan Sebastián Estrada Hernández, is a supplier to various government agencies. Between 2016 and this year, it obtained more than 80 contracts with federal agencies that totaled about two thousand 270 million pesos, according to data from the National Transparency Platform (PNT).

Among these contracts, one stands out with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for 1,101.5 million pesos awarded by direct award a year ago for the printing of bimonthly receipts, but it also won tenders with the OPLE from Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca and Campeche, among others.

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This year, Gráficas Corona JE won two tenders from the Electoral Institute of Coahuila for more than 15 million pesos for the provision of electoral documentation and teaching materials for training in the local electoral process.

Data of the SOP and Compranet They point out that between 2019 and 2020, Juan Sebastián Estrada Hernández’s company obtained at least eight contracts for close to 80 million pesos with the National Commission for Free Textbooks (Conaliteg)which in that period was directed by Antonio Meza Estrada, current partner of the director of TGM.

On your Facebook profile, Maribel Aguilera Cháirez boasts photos of her wedding and her family life with Antonio Meza Estrada, who was relieved of the Conaliteg in June 2021 by the then head of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), Dolphin Gomeza few months after The former official was pointed out by Mexicans against Corruption to deliver contracts for more than 460 million pesos to businessmen close to him.

He electoral process that will live Mexico Next year will be the largest in the history of the country, since for the election of nearly 20 thousand positions, around 540 million ballots will be needed: 312 million will be used for the federal elections (President, senators and federal deputies) and 230 million for the local elections among which nine stand out governors, mayors, deputies localamong others, according to data from the INE.

For this, both the INE Like the OPLE they have the possibility of dispensing with tenders and awarding contracts through agreements with agencies of the Federal Public Administration, such as TGM.

This scheme was used in the last administration for 11 federal agencies that they signed agreements with eight public universities for the diversion of more than seven billion pesos in the fraud known as the Master swindler.

On August 17, after the signing of the agreement with the INEAguilera Cháirez assured that TGM has the capacity to comply with the printing of the ballots for the federal election and even said that it could extend its capacity for the OPLE and in a recent interview, the official said that although TGM expanded its production capacityyou know which companies you can collaborate with to meet your goal.

Among the parastatal company’s suppliers is Corona JE Chartswhich was pointed out of breaches in 2021 by the local electoral public bodies of Tamaulipas, Chiapas and Puebla.

That same year, TGM delivered four contracts for nearly 37 million pesos to the company One to One Solution from Mexicofor the delivery of electoral material, of which it failed to comply in one, according to Compliance Audit 2021-1-04E2D-19-0367-2022.

According to the charter of One to One Solutionwhich dates back to 2005, Lucía Azucena Estrada is a retail partner of this firm, whose main shareholder is Sebastián Estrada Vega, both relatives of the owner of Corona JE Graphics.

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The sister company of Gráficas Corona JE also had a contract with Conaliteg in 2020during the management of the couple of the owner of TGMfor 7.6 million pesos, according to the Compranet platform.

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