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A credit card it’s a financial instrument that provide banking institutions with a “loan” of money, which each person agrees to pay within a certain period, interest and other specifications that are given when requesting them.

The money they contain can be used to make purchases in different places but it is not free, since as mentioned, it must be paid.

And although there is usually fear about the debts that can be generated, banks offer plans that adapt to the amount of income of the applicant, and are also an opportunity to generate credit history in case other types of credit are required later.

If you need a credit card for the first time, you must go to the bank branch of your choice with the requirements that we share below:

  • curp

  • Identification issued by the National Electoral Institute (INE). It is necessary that the address be visible, otherwise you will need proof of address no older than three months.

  • RFC (If you don’t have one, you can go to the SAT to request it).

  • Proof of income.

When requesting your credit line The banks will verify your details and if you are in the credit bureau with some debt; If not, you can continue with the procedures that will depend on the bank you go to.

In addition, the benefits of digital banks are that you do not have to go to any branch and registration takes a matter of minutes; some of the most popular are NU and Stori.

Where is it easiest to get a credit card?

The digital banks They are usually the option that several people turn to to obtain credit for the first time, especially the youngest, since they do not usually ask for proof of income or credit history like some other banks.

What requirements do digital banks ask for?

Through digital platforms

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