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Two trajineras sank at the Nativitas pier, in Xochimilco, after a fight broke out between passengers. At least 100 people They were moved to a safe place; no injuries were reported.

The events occurred around 9:40 p.m. this Friday, when due to a fight between passengers, two trajineras collapsed together, causing some people to fall into the water.

The Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) reported that one of the trajineras resulted in damage to his structure and overturned, while the other sank. Some passengers managed to transfer to two other trajineras that were at the site, others were rescued from inside the canal by emergency services.

Personnel from the Heroic Fire Department (HCB), the SGIRPC, the Riverside Police and workers at the site reported that an average of 100 passengers were moved to a safe place, with no reports of injuries.

Paramedics from the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squadron (ERUM) treated a woman on site with a diagnosis of nervous breakdown due to submergence; She was stabilized with oxygen therapy.

The boat that capsized was placed afloat and was towed along with the other three trajineras by personnel from the Riverside and Tourism Police from the Xochimilco Mayor’s Office to the Xaltocan Lagoon.

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