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The maneuvers for clear the tracks of Metro Line 5where a trailer crashed and also hit a pedestrian bridge, It will take eight to ten hoursso it is expected that the passage will be free this morning, according to the head of Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres Guadarrama.

The official confirmed, in a press conference, the death of the driver of the unit and that the woman who was with him in the cabin receives medical attention, since she was injured during the accident that occurred during the early morning.

The delay in restoring the service, the president acknowledged, is because the maneuvers are very complex; since it is not possible to remove the unit without trim first the Pedestrian bridge. Subsequently, cranes will pull the trailer and the staff of the Collective Transportation System (STC) will make the operational testsfor the purpose of verify that the mobility of Metro was not affected.

“The bridge cannot be left hanging there because it would put people, the motorists themselves, at risk,”Martí Batres Guadarrama, head of Government of Mexico City.

The head of government reported that the damage in the subway is basically in the trays that protect the wiringwhich were torn off at the moment the trailer collided with the cyclonic mesh, since its location is next to the fence.

He added that after a first review, it appears that the facilities of the ways they turned out without major effectsbut it is necessary to carry out a specific verification and then move on to operational tests.

What happens to the Metro Line 5 service after the accident?

The user transportation service in that section of the Metro Line 5from the Pantitlán terminal to the Río Consulado station, will continue with units of the Passenger Transport Network; while traffic agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security are attentive to speeding up circulation in the area.

Finally, Jesús Esteva, Andrés Lajous and Guillermo Calderón, secretaries of Works and Services, Mobility and the director of the STC, respectively, were at the scene of the events to monitor the maneuvers.

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