Who was Canserbero? The rapper murdered by his former manager-El Sol de México

The rapper Tirone José González Orama, better known as Canserberowas a rapper of Venezuelan origin who He was found dead when he was 26 years old.shortly after starting his musical career.

As a rapper, Canserbero released two albums: Vida (2011) and Muerte (2015)which has themes that criticize the Venezuelan government, something that he also commented on social networks such as X, (formerly Twitter) and in various interviews.

The composer had several concerts, especially in Latin America and one in Spain. Canserbero visited Mexico in 2012 and 2013this being the year when he had the most presentations, as he toured in eight cities.

Although he was considered one of the most significant exponents of independent rap, his musical career was only recognized in 2011, when he was named Best Hip Hop Artist at the Dixtorxión Awards.

What happened to Canserbero?

On January 20, 2015, Canserbero was found dead outside the Camino Real building in the Andrés Bello urbanization in Maracay and initially, It was said that Canserbero had committed suicide by jumping from the tenth floor.

The case was closed when it was determined that in the midst of a depression, The rapper killed his friend Carlos Molnar and after committing the crime, he jumped from the tenth floor. This was declared by Natalia Améstica, Canserbero’s manager, the only witness to what happened.

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After his death, Canserbero’s family ruled out that the musician suffered from any mental illnessand similarly accused inconsistencies in the investigation, including that the building’s security cameras were turned off.

Eight years after this version was given, Natalia Améstica confessed that she was the one who killed Canserbero and his friend Carlos Molnar. In a video, the rapper’s manager detailed the motive for the attack.

“The opportunity arose to record some videos at my house in Panama, the children went to their grandmother’s, the opportunity arose for me to make them tea, in that tea I placed two 0.5 Alpram pastes. They drank some cups of tea each and at the time we were getting sleepy I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and when Carlos arrived, I saw how he was and I attack him directly in the neck“said Natalia Améstica.

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He also detailed that Canserbero realized the attackbut being drugged, he couldn’t do anything and at that moment, she took the opportunity to hurt him and stabbed him twice in the back and then called his brother to cover up the crime.

With information from Fernanda Ávila / El Sol de México

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