With 10% of the doses acquired, the vaccination campaign begins in Edomex – El Sol de México

The Toluca Red Cross delegation analyzes the possibility of offering the home vaccination against COVID-19 in the Toluca Valleysaid President Mario Vázquez de la Torre, who also reported that the vaccine available for this Thursday was sold out within hours, so they hope to resume vaccination next week.

Minutes after the application of the vaccine began at the facilities of the Toluca delegation, the president of this organization explained that one thousand doses acquired from the laboratory for COVID-19they only received 100, which were purchased in a couple of hours and, for the same reason, they were sold out.

“We received 100 doses, the same ones that we are going to apply in 20 minutes, we hope to receive more doses next week from the laboratory and apply more”, he said.

He reported that the doses that were acquired for the delegation of the Toluca Red Cross There were a thousand but only 10 percent were delivered.

More vaccines may arrive today and vaccination will continue tomorrow, but the safest thing is the following week starting Tuesday, but the response has been very good.”, he emphasized.

He reported that since 6:00 a.m. there were already people trained and they were mainly older adults, who requested the dose whose cost is 785 pesos, the cheapest on the market.

He added that, of these thousand doses of vaccines against COVID-19no pediatric vaccine was supplied, so they are intended for people over 12 years of age.

Vaccine at home

Likewise, Vázquez de la Torre, indicated that they are analyzing the possibility of offering the vaccine application at home for people who have mobility difficulties.

We would be starting with the application in this modality the following week with an additional cost that may possibly be 900 pesos, that is, 125 pesos more”, he stressed.

These vaccines, he announced, would apply to those interested in the municipalities of the Toluca Valley such as San Mateo Atenco, Zinacantepec, Metepec, among others.

He mentioned that the dose of vaccines were purchased directly from the laboratorybecause although there were contacts with a distributorthe price was higher.

Finally, he reminded the population that they are going to buy and apply the vaccine against COVID-19 in the delegation of the Toluca Red Crossyou should not come with any symptoms of respiratory diseases and, therefore, not be taking antibiotics.

Vaccination against Covid-19 at the CDMX Red Cross

This morning the application of the Pfizer vaccine It is the most updated vaccine and in its recent variants in the Polanco Red Cross The price is 785 pesos and it will be served from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., for the moment it will only be available at adult people and next week it will be applied to minors, who will have to present a prescription for his pediatrician where they ask that it be applied to them.

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