69-year-old Miss Universe hopeful Jocelyn Cubales sweeps the ‘Miss Universe Philippines’ contest

Since the organization of ‘Miss Universe Philippines‘ decided to remove the age restriction from her beauty pageant, the Miss Universe candidate, Jocelyn Cubales 69 years old, has become the inspiration of millions of women, not only in the Asian country but throughout the world.

Now, the candidate has exceeded the expectations of all her followers, although she could not fulfill her dream of being the representative of her country in the Miss Universe edition this 2024, yes. swept away with his presence in all rounds of her district’s ‘Miss Universe Philippines’ chapter, and her performance has definitely counted as a big win!

Cubales participated representing his district Barangay Baesaand although she couldn’t be Miss Quezon City, she did manage to win the special prizes Miss Anlene Total 10 and Light of Dreamswearing an elegant black dress with glitter and a meticulous white bikini, her sensational body made everyone present forget the difference in years, convincing everyone more and more that age is nothing more than just a number.

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