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The governor of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez Álvarez, led the laying of the first stone of the facilities of the DHL mega campus in T-Mex Parkthe largest in the country with 40 hectares and the announcement of an investment greater than four billion dollars.

The state president said that space will generate more than 600 thousand jobs for citizens in municipalities such as Zumpango, Tultepec, Tultitlán, Tonanitla, Jaltenco and Tecámac, extending to Hidalgo, and in the first phase there is 30 percent progress and three million square meters are transformed into an industrial complex and unprecedented logistics.

There will be offered a wide range of services such as storage, transportation, packaging, labeling and digital commerce and will cover key sectors such as fashion, consumer, devices, medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive and will establish direct connections with Felipe Ángeles Airport and to railway lines to North America; With which the state of Mexico will be more connected and more competitive on the international scene.

Delfina Gómez highlighted that the project is the result of social synergy and a sum of wills of the federal, state, municipal governments, the private sector, civil society and the railway sector and highlighted that they are strategically located where 45 percent circulates. of the national land cargo, which is why they will continue preparing to be the epicenter of economic development at the national level.

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He thanked the business community and maintained that they will do what is necessary to strengthen investments within the framework of what is established by law and will seek to improve procedures, streamline them, offer better public services and greater security. “We will face that situation,” he assured.

Even, he noted, they will be invited to security meetings and will strengthen projects to guarantee water, as well as the care of flora, fauna and education, since specialized profiles will be required for that project.

Businessmen and women, he said, are welcomed with open arms. She asked the business sector to help people have a more dignified life and offered support to the business community, while reiterating that the State of Mexico will be an ally.

The largest in the country

Mario Rodríguez de la Gala Bazán, president of DHL Supply Chain Mexico, highlighted the laying of the first stone of its most recent mega campus project and stressed that it will be the largest in the country with 40 hectares that will house four state-of-the-art buildings, offering more than 200 thousand square meters of cutting-edge logistics space and will set a benchmark in the cutting-edge logistics sector.

In addition, he assured, it will follow the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency and will be sustainable. The project, he added, is part of a DHL investment announced last year of more than 500 million euros in Latin America, of which, a large part of these resources will be for Mexico.

That project, he said, will be a milestone for the local employmentsince it will generate more than 2,500 permanent jobs in the coming years and will foster a community of professionals, thereby generating opportunities and alliances.

New investment

Meanwhile, the general director of Charles El-Mann Metta Industrial Parks announced that its group, a 100% Mexican company, with more than 45 years of experience in the real estate market, is committing a substantial investment that exceeds four billion dollars in the State of Mexico in a horizon of three to five years .

That financial commitment will extend over several strategic municipalities of the entity that include Nextlalpan, Tultitlan, Tultepec, Tlalnepantla, Tepotzotlan, Toluca, Lerma and those who come and stressed that they believe in the potential of Mexico and they want contribute to its development. I am confident that the project will be a symbol of success.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Laura González Hernández highlighted that since September they have had a timely approach with the business sector and certainty and trust have returned and maintained that the region surrounding the AIFA is strategic, they have done teamwork and are in analysis of strategic areas that provide certainty and taking care of the environment.

The entity, he said, is a leader in logistics, since there is no other with the number of companies that exist in this state; For this reason, they establish a long-term economic policy and are in a stage of consolidating the State of Mexico as an industrial and logistical state and will continue to provide facilities for large investments to arrive in a sustainable manner and there will be support for small companies; as well as the commerce, services, and artisan sectors.

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The municipal president of Nextlalpan Lorena Alameda Juárez highlighted that this industrial park will be one of the most important in Latin America, it began to be developed a few years ago, it will generate jobs and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of that district.

He pointed out that the new Felipe Ángeles airport, built in a part of Nextlalpan, also opens a world of possibilities, as does the suburban train that will generate development and seek to redirect sources of employment to benefit the population of that municipality. He asked that the neighbors be taken into account.

Note published in The Sun of Toluca

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